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The process of installing a new heating and cooling system for your Tyler, Texas property couldn’t be more straightforward.

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As a certified air conditioning repair technician, That AC Guy can expertly repair or install any unit from all of the major manufacturers, including:

Your Tyler, Texas home or business can also benefit from an annual HVAC maintenance plan.

Preventative maintenance each Spring, like our Spring Tune-Ups, can help you catch potential problems before they happen and, most importantly, before your 10-year warranty is up.

It’s never convenient for your Tyler, Texas cooling or heating system to fail, but with That AC Guy, you can count on efficient and affordable air conditioning repair.

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No matter the make or size of your unit, an HVAC system in Tyler, Texas has a life expectancy of around 10-15 years. Although replacing your system may seem like a hassle, choosing That AC Guy as your HVAC contractor makes it easy.

Here are some ways we can help:

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Why Not DIY?

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If you’re handy around the house, you may be tempted to look up a YouTube video or two and attempt to repair or replace your central air conditioning.

While DIY parts (like ductless mini-splits) may seem like an easy solution, we get many calls where a Tyler homeowner has already spent hundreds of dollars on parts but was unable to repair their unit.

Save time and money by calling someone with the expertise to do it right the first time.


Custom Ductwork Design Services

Most East Texas HVAC companies want to use the least footage of air duct material and run your ductwork in an efficient way for them but maybe not effective for you.

Air conditioning doesn’t just pour cool air into your home. It should be targeting areas that allow hot or cold air to seep into your home, like doors or windows, and eliminate those hot spots.

That AC Guy will position the vents in your home to eliminate hot or cold spots, make your home more energy-efficient, and keep your Tyler, TX home comfortable all year round.

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2 Free Solutions to Try Before You Call That AC Guy

Save yourself time, money, and a few hours overheating when you check these common problems we see on house calls:

1) The Attic Switch

There should be a white switch that looks like a light switch in your attic. It controls power to your AC and can accidentally get flipped when people think it’s light.

If anyone has been in the attic lately and might have accidentally flipped that switch, just turn it back on, and your problems should be solved.

2) The Thermostat Check

Is your thermostat set to the right temperature?

On most units, the “off” button is right in between cool and heat. Hit the mode button, and make sure it’s on cool instead of off.

Also, double-check the batteries in the thermostat.

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